Today, Halloween is on October 31rst and November 1rst in many countries. In Canada and the US, children dress up and ask for candy…trick or treat!

In Santiago Sacatepeques, Guatemala, people fly big, beautiful kites. In Ireland, children play games and eat Barn Brack, a fruit bread. In Hong Kong, children dress up and have parties.

The story of Halloween

Long ago in Britain, farmers finished their work on October 31rst when winter came. The next day, November 1rst, was the Festival of the Dead. This was the day when the ghosts of dead people came. Farmers were scared and tried to trick the ghosts. They painted their faces and made big fires.

The other name for November 1rst is All Hallows Day. The evening before All Hallows Day is All Hallows Evening. Most people call All Hallows Evening by the name Halloween.

Jack O’ Lanterns

Happy eyes, a silly nose                 A funny mouth, long green toes.

Ugly, terrible, scary!                       Fat, round, hairy!

Big, small, short, tall,                     Jack O’ Lanterns for one and all!!

A Magic Spell

It was a cold, dark Halloween night. The children were trick or treating for candy. Wilma Witch was angry. “Those Children! I want saome candy too! I will turn them into frogs!” she made a magic spell. “One cat’s ear, two black spiders, a crocodile and an old dirty sock” ssxxxzzzsssssssszzzz!!! YOU turned into a frog! You said “Ribbit!” and jumped….and Wilma ate all your Halloween candy!

Trick or treat 3 friends went out on Halloween night:  A witch, a cat, a ghost in white. They met a crocodile, long and green, stopped and said, “Happy Halloween!” They came to a house with a monster’s head, and all 4 friends stood and said, “Trick or treat! Trick or treat! Give me sth good to eat!” the door opened… nobody was there.. The 4 children had a scare! They ran to the next house in the street. “Trick or Treat trick or treat!”