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New Year’s Resolution It’s time.

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A new year is beginning and it’s time to make a serious commitment. This is the year you will master English. This is the year you finally speak fluent English.

In the US, we have the tradition of making New Year’s resolutions. A resolution is a strong decision to do something or accomplish something.

Unfortunately, most people forget their resolutions. They quickly become distracted and lose their commitment.

So I want you to make your resolution with great emotional power.

I want you to say, strongly, with tremendous emotion and energy, “This year I will speak English fluently”

Say it out loud– with a very strong voice.

Then do it again. Use all of your body when you say this resolution. Move your arms powerfully. Stand firm. Take a deep breath and with a loud powerful voice say again, “This year I will speak English fluently!”

As you say this, imagine yourself speaking fluent English. See yourself speaking to a native speaker. Imagine the words coming out of your mouth effortlessly. See yourself smiling and laughing as you talk. You are now a fluent speaker of English!

With this image in your mind, yell again, “This year I will speak English fluently!”

Finally, to make this resolution real, take a strong action. Do something immediately to show your commitment to mastering English. Buy some lessons, hire a tutor, contact a native speaker, buy an English novel…. do something to show yourself that you are serious.

This is the year. No more excuses. No more delays. No more complaining. No more doubts.